Strategies to Reopen Your Small Business and Keep it Open

Topic : Strategies to Reopen Your Small Business and Keep it Open

Date & time : 2 June 2020, Tuesday 8pm – 9pm

It’s time to get back to business! In this webinar learn how to open your business, be in compliance and stay open!!

About this Event

Businesses are re-opening all over Ohio. Is your business ready? Join the Ohio SBDC as we present: “Strategies to Reopen Your Small Business and Keep it Open.” In this timely session you will learn how to get open, stay open and succeed in this economy.

Rick Slark of the “Slark Consulting Group, will discuss three strategies to support you in opening:

• What safety precautions should you deploy to keep your employees safe?

• What safety precautions should you employ to build confidence in your prospective customers so they feel safe and will venture out to your business?

• What should you do within your business to encourage profitability, and promotes your business to the marketplace.

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Organizational Analysis- Stanford

Organizational Analysis- Online Course

Date: 18 May 2020

About this Course

In this introductory, self-paced course, you will learn multiple theories of organizational behavior and apply them to actual cases of organizational change.

Organizations are groups whose members coordinate their behaviors in order to accomplish a shared goal. They can be found nearly everywhere in today’s society: universities, start-ups, classrooms, hospitals, non-profits, government bureaus, corporations, restaurants, grocery stores, and professional associations are some of many examples of organizations.

Organizations are as varied and complex as they are ubiquitous: they differ in size and internal structure; they can entail a multiplicity of goals and tasks (some of which are planned and others unplanned!); they are made up of individuals whose goals and motivations may differ from those of the group; and they must interact with other organizations and deal with environmental constraints in order to be successful. This complexity frequently results in a myriad of problems for organizational participants and the organization’s survival.

In this course, we will use organizational theories to systematically analyze how an organization operates and can best be managed. Organizational theories highlight certain features of an organization’s structure and environment, as well as its processes of negotiation, production, and change. Each provides a lens for interpreting novel organizational situations and developing a sense for how individual and group behaviors are organized.

Theories are valuable for the analyst and manager because most organizational problems are unique to the circumstances and cannot be solved by simple rules of thumb. Armed with a tool set of organizational theories, you will be able to systematically identify important features of an organization and the events transforming it; choose a theoretical framework most applicable to the observed mode of organizing; and use that theory to determine which actions will best redirect the organization in desired directions.

In sum, the course has three goals: to become familiar with a series of real-world organizational phenomena; to learn different theoretical perspectives that can elucidate these phenomena; and to apply these different ways of “seeing” and managing organizations to cases. In such a fashion, the course is designed to actively bridge theory and practice, exposing students to a variety of conceptual tools and ways to negotiate novel situations.


  • Management
  • Organizational Theory
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Organizational Culture

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  1. Go to
  2. Choose e-Services   
  1. Select Quick Pay 
  1. Choose which Services

If Services without eKey login, select Pay Electricity and Water Bill

If Services with eKey login, select Bill Enquiry and Payment then must login using Ekey/Sijilat login

  1. If selected Services without eKey login

Select the Identity Type 




  1. Fill up the Identity number and Account Number



(if CR has 5 digits – to add zero before the first number and add zero before the branch number) ex. 01234501

(if CR has 6 digits – to add zero before the branch number) ex. 12345601

ACCOUNT NUMBER – to get the account number (refer on the Enquiry & Follow up card provided from the municipality) ​

​ ​7. If the EWA has been paid – There are no outstanding bills for this Account number.

If not, it will show the outstanding balance and click continue & pay.

Here’s a link to download the guide with screenshots :



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Virtual Dreaming | Online Webinar 16,17 May 2020

Date: 16, 17 MAY 2020
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
Virtual Dreaming is a free event for admins, developers, architects or someone who wants to start their career in Salesforce. Three online webinars would be running at the same time for 24 and you can attend them from the location of your choice in your timezone.


Guide to open Municipality Account (Online)

The registration must be done through Muharraq Municipality (Not EWA department). To open municipality account only as rent inclusive of EWA  (Electricity & Water) exclusive of Municipality fees (Municipality fee BD15/month).

Here are the steps:

1. Visit this website –

2. Next

3. Click continue Municipality Services (With Out Login)

4. Click #2 Municipality Account Opening

5. Click Apply for service

6. Fill the online form and upload the required documents

 List of required documents :

    • Contract copy
    • Applicant CR or CPR copy
    • Address certificate copy
    • Place release Letter (NOC)
    • Owner CR or CPR copy
    • Declaration Form

The Global Boardroom by Financial Times in partnership with TNW

Join us for three days of live online conversations with senior global decision makers and leading minds in policy and business.

About this Event

The coronavirus pandemic is causing massive disruption to economies, businesses and markets across the world.

Political, business and finance leaders are coming under scrutiny as they balance economic recovery goals, operational survival and future resilience against the need to save lives and act responsibly.

  • What is the exit strategy?
  • How quickly will the global economy emerge from hibernation?
  • What price will the world ultimately pay?

Join us for three days of live online conversations with the most senior global decision makers and leading minds in policy, business and finance.

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Product Management Live Chat by Spotify Product Manager

Join in and get all your Product Management questions answered during our online event with Anya Ruvinskaya, Senior Product Manager at Spotify.

Some questions that will be answered include:

1. What is the best part of being a Product Manager?

2. What is the worst part of being a Product Manager?

3. What do you look for in a Product Management resume and/or candidate?

4. What was a difficult Product Manager interview question you’ve had? And how did you answer it?

5. Have you ever felt like you didn’t understand the technology on a product? What did you do to compensate?

Re-think Circular Economy

Date: 12 May 2020

Title: Re-think Circular Economy

 About this Event

The webinar series realized by Tondo represents an opportunity for companies, startups and experts from all over the world to have a clearer overview about the status of the Circular Economy and how it can enhance innovative business models and concepts with lower environmental impact.

The second session of Re-think Circular Economy Webinar will continue to focus on circular cities around the world. The case-study this time will be São Paulo in Brazil, analyzing the opportunities and challenges for a circular transition in this major Latin American capital.

The webinar will be open by Francesco Castellano, Founder of Tondo, and held by Ricieri Marchi, Sustainable Development Associate of Tondo, with the participation of 2 relevant local players, bringing forth the circular approach in São Paulo. The first one is Beatriz Luz, founder of Exchange 4 Change Brasil, a think-tank platform accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy in Brazil by co-creating and adapting global solutions to the local reality. The second participant is Rodrigo Oliveira, founder at Green Mining, a startup disrupting the reverse logistics in São Paulo and developing partnerships with market leaders such as AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

The main topics examined during the session will be:

Local policy framework for the Circular Economy

Opportunities and challenges for the Circular Economy in São Paulo

The strategic path of the Brazilian industry

The role of innovators for the circular transition

The webinar will be held entirely in English with the support of slides.

After the registration, the link to access the webinar will be sent.

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Remote Services: Career Development Practice in Unprecedented Times


Remote services are now essential to meet the career development and job search needs of clients. Explore evidence-based approaches for designing and delivering remote career development services that blend a variety of technologies. This free webinar will discuss possibilities and ethics for transitioning to remote operations. It will also explore effective design of remote services and strategies to meaningfully engaging clients.

Why You Should Attend

The COVID-19 pandemic has required career development agencies and practitioners to shift services to remote delivery. This change in practice has been swift and new for many. At the same time, there is an unprecedented demand for client support to navigate the changing labour market.

This webinar will introduce frameworks to support remote work with your clients. Drawing from decades of experience providing online services to career and job search clients, Tannis Goddard will explore ethics, service design, online technology tools and delivery techniques.

Webinar Learnings: 

  • Understand the ethical considerations that impact remote operations
  • Engage with a model for designing effective remote services including structure, content, activities and interactive engagement
  • Consider strategies for creating rapport and building a strong working alliance with your remote clients
  • Explore technical tools and approaches for blending synchronous and asynchronous communication


Digital/Social Media Intro & Update for Small (and not so small) Businesses

About this Event

All organizations are facing challenging times but things will get back to normal (or a modified version of normal) and organizations need to be able to communicate and engage with their audiences effectively.

This FREE Online Micro Course conducted by Lyle Wetsch of the Digital & Social Media Program in partnership with the Gardiner Centre in Newfoundland, Sprott Professional Programs in Ontario, and Edwards Executive Education in Saskatchewan is designed to help all types of organizations be ready with a better digital and social media presence.