Nasreen Al Amri

Vice President, MAZ Business
Miss Nasreen has nurtured MAZ Business from Business center to a space that today is creative, inspiring & motivating for young entrepreneurs. Miss Nasreen hones extensive knowledge about several businesses and has built strong relationship with clients. She has a strong perspective, to look at problems in new ways and come up with the solutions nobody had considered before.
With an experience of managing more than hundred companies in a business center, At MAZ, we proudly address her as “Paragon of Business.” Miss Nasreen has brought positive changes to Bahrain’s business scene through supporting various business incubation and acceleration activities.

She has a strategic vision and planning that is powered up with latest technologies and trends in the entrepreneurial world. She has traveled and attended Entrepreneurial seminars/workshops around the globe.


Victoria Grusa

Operations Manager

Managing day-to-day activities, analyzing statistics and reports, planning and controlling change, responsible for the wellbeing of the company’s operational system, Diploma in Law Science (EU).


Nicole Katherine

Smart Workspaces – Specialist

Responsible for managing and allotting Smart Workspaces. Working with entrepreneurs for their proposals. Building and Managing the Smart Workspace Group. Assisting with company formation operations from registration to getting the commercial address for CR purposes.


Ledilla Dimalanta

Business Incubator – Specialist

Leading the incubator operations. Handling Pre-incubation, working with entrepreneurs for their proposals, lead formation of new business and provide incubation facilities to enable commercialization of the business. Induct new entrepreneurs; create Incubation plans and implement them, assist in writing business plans. Be the face of the Incubator and actively promote it through various channels.