Benefits of using a Business Incubator for Start-up Companies

MAZ provides start-up companies with the tools, executive mentorship and operational support to be successful.

MAZ SHARED WORKSPACES; The Innovation Cluster provides start-up companies with open concept office space with all of the necessary office supplies to get your business up and running. Having office space to be able to run your business is extremely important in the success of any business.

CHEAPER; Business Incubators can help reduce the costs of launching and operating a startup by 40-50%. MAZ provides start-up companies with open concept office space and internet access for little to no charge; renting office space can be one of the largest expenses for any business.

MORE FUNDING/INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES; clients access to more funding opportunities from many different outlets. Our staff is educated and equipped to help find funding opportunities and help clients apply for them. Additionally, MAZ allows businesses to meet potential private investors from within the community via our partners.
Fun fact: an estimated 40% of investment-seeking member companies’ source investment through a direct incubator program connections.

ABLE TO FOCUS ON CORE-BUSINESS; Having this business infrastructure in place and available and providing business services and experts allows for the startup to focus on what matters most – the core business product. Start-ups can then focus their time and energy on creating, evolving and testing their products.

NETWORKING; Building network- being able to tap into a strong network of business partners and investors allows for start-up businesses to network and network productively. MAZ is very involved within the business community and beyond.

PR and Marketing HELP, Being a part of a group of companies helps gain traction and step into the spotlight—MAZ has a strong following. Start-up companies are able to reap the benefits of being promoted by the organization, not to mention expert PR and marketing advice for their brands.

BEING WITH OTHER tech start-up BUSINESSES; MAZ is home to many start-ups. Being part of a support system where you can learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs allows you to better succeed and creates bonds and friendships that are ever-lasting.

SUPPORT FROM MENTORS WITH STREET CRED, Our mentors have been successful entrepreneurs therefore you can learn and hear first-hand about their personal experience and learn the do’s and don’ts. Knowledge Partners help with business basics including; marketing, accounting, presentation skills, legal guidance, insurance, finance, human resources and the list goes on.

ACCESS TO WORKSHOPS and BUSINESS TRAINING; Through MAZ resources and staff you are able to get hands-on training and knowledge from some of the best minds in the GCC.

BUSINESSES WHO USE INCUBATORS ARE MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED; five year survival rate for incubator clients has been reported from 75% to as high as 87%. So in conclusion…come to us be #IAMMAZ, we’re the best in the business!

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