Innovation Entrepreneurship Best Practices with ESHIP Goals | 11 June Online Workshop

Framework for ecosystem builders looking at structuring the ecosystem

About this Event

Startup Commons is developing startup ecosystem best practices webinar series, where we share in more details different types of ecosystem best practices with target to build the world’s first, open standards based best practices library to support innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem builders and operators globally.

Ecosystems, as the invisible infrastructures, mostly manually coordinated and often not properly equipped even in normal conditions, with even more limited resources to match the current circumstances, compared to what are expectations, – trying to solve challenges with many interdependencies: flow of talent, pool of supporting providers, resources and information. All these efforts need to get properly structured and orchestrated so that the ecosystem as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts separately.

Cecilia Wessinger, ESHIP Community Activator with the Kauffman Foundation, will present on the current framework known as the “ESHIP Goals”. This set of goals, akin to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals serve as a foundation for ecosystem builders as an approach for growing a professional field of entrepreneurial ecosystem building. Learn about these goals, how they were developed and evolved as well as how you can get involved. Cecilia will share her personal journey from bootstrapping startup entrepreneur and unintentional ecosystem builder to championing efforts in this nascent field throughout this process.

The target group is especially ecosystem builders and developers operating and coordinating ecosystems interested in ecosystem structuring and orchestration.

In the end of the session, there will be Q&A and experiences sharing from other ecosystem builders. Don’t miss it out and book your place!

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