Benefits of using a Business Incubator for Start-up Companies

MAZ provides start-up companies with the tools, executive mentorship and operational support to be successful.

MAZ SHARED WORKSPACES; The Innovation Cluster provides start-up companies with open concept office space with all of the necessary office supplies to get your business up and running. Having office space to be able to run your business is extremely important in the success of any business.

CHEAPER; Business Incubators can help reduce the costs of launching and operating a startup by 40-50%. MAZ provides start-up companies with open concept office space and internet access for little to no charge; renting office space can be one of the largest expenses for any business.

MORE FUNDING/INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES; clients access to more funding opportunities from many different outlets. Our staff is educated and equipped to help find funding opportunities and help clients apply for them. Additionally, MAZ allows businesses to meet potential private investors from within the community via our partners.
Fun fact: an estimated 40% of investment-seeking member companies’ source investment through a direct incubator program connections.

ABLE TO FOCUS ON CORE-BUSINESS; Having this business infrastructure in place and available and providing business services and experts allows for the startup to focus on what matters most – the core business product. Start-ups can then focus their time and energy on creating, evolving and testing their products.

NETWORKING; Building network- being able to tap into a strong network of business partners and investors allows for start-up businesses to network and network productively. MAZ is very involved within the business community and beyond.

PR and Marketing HELP, Being a part of a group of companies helps gain traction and step into the spotlight—MAZ has a strong following. Start-up companies are able to reap the benefits of being promoted by the organization, not to mention expert PR and marketing advice for their brands.

BEING WITH OTHER tech start-up BUSINESSES; MAZ is home to many start-ups. Being part of a support system where you can learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs allows you to better succeed and creates bonds and friendships that are ever-lasting.

SUPPORT FROM MENTORS WITH STREET CRED, Our mentors have been successful entrepreneurs therefore you can learn and hear first-hand about their personal experience and learn the do’s and don’ts. Knowledge Partners help with business basics including; marketing, accounting, presentation skills, legal guidance, insurance, finance, human resources and the list goes on.

ACCESS TO WORKSHOPS and BUSINESS TRAINING; Through MAZ resources and staff you are able to get hands-on training and knowledge from some of the best minds in the GCC.

BUSINESSES WHO USE INCUBATORS ARE MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED; five year survival rate for incubator clients has been reported from 75% to as high as 87%. So in conclusion…come to us be #IAMMAZ, we’re the best in the business!

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Smart Workspaces

Everything is becoming smart. Your phones, your TV and even your fridge. But it’s not just happening in your social life, it’s also happening in the workplace. Offices are becoming more intelligent through the adoption of new technologies.

People expect to be to be connected seamlessly and instantly to the world around them. The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling businesses to give their people instant access to physical objects and systems, making it much easier to enable flexible ways of working. People see it as the norm to be able to access their email from a train, or book a meeting from home. And if a business doesn’t offer their people the smart technology they need to perform, they’re at risk of losing their best talent.


Building systems, log- ins and workplace technology should all be interconnected to make your working life simple and seamless. Smart workplaces mean there’s less need for sticky notes and passwords. People can securely access information on the spot from either inside or outside of the office through pioneering technologies such as beacons and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).


We tend to harp on about efficiency, but what use is that if it’s not effective? Smarter ways of working, meaning people can be more productive at work. They can work flexibly and choose the best areas to work in based on their task. And happy people with higher performance levels have a more effective impact on the company and its bottom line.


To be smart, you need the smarts, e.g. the smart phones, the intelligent data etc. So it’s no surprise that you need smart technology to drive any smart workspace transformation. Technology will allow you to create more streamlined processes, more accurate statistics and better places to conduct business.


Smart workplaces embrace agile working cultures and equip people with the dynamic spaces and resources they need to perform. As people become less micro-managed and more self-motivated, they’ll become more active by nature and need greater accessibility from their workplace.

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(Article inspired by Entrepreneur Middle East)

Business Incubator

MAZ has reformulated the traditional model transforming to a knowledge-base and innovative entrepreneurship framework. We are guided with principles that follow the necessities for economic growth. It inspires entrepreneur to act as the game changer and effective leaders to redirect values of the entrepreneurial community and environmental

An organization designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections.

Their goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services.

Incubators provide numerous benefits to owners of startup businesses. Their office and manufacturing space is offered at below-market rates, and their staff supplies advice and much-needed expertise in developing business and marketing plans as well as helping to fund fledgling businesses. Companies typically spend an average of two years in a business incubator, during which time they often share telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment expenses with other startup companies, in an effort to reduce everyone’s overhead and operational costs.

Not all business incubators are alike, however, so if you have a specialized idea for a business, try to find the incubator that best suits your requirements.

If an incubation program seems interesting to you, be prepared to submit a fleshed-out business plan. The plan will be reviewed by a screening committee to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for admission. Incubators carefully screen potential businesses because their space, equipment, and finances are limited, and they want to be sure they’re choosing to nurture businesses with the best possible chance for success.

MAZ is a place where individuals are led to adapt innovation and enterprising thoughts which develops individuals’ abilities to manage start up business towards progress and growth. Empowered to practice the business incubation system where seed business ideas are nurtured through mentoring and facilitating the needs for business success.

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(Article inspired by Entrepreneur Middle East)