5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Airbnb’s Success

The founders of Airbnb started off with a simple idea to rent their apartment to earn a passive income. What they did not know back then was that they had sown the seed to a billion-dollar business idea. But while Airbnb was a unique idea, executing it and making it a success was tough.

There are lots of great best practices that any mobile team can learn from the success story of the Airbnb and its present-day mobile application.

Here are five key takeaways for startup owners and mobile app developers.

7 Ways Teams Can Problem Solve Better Than Individuals

Following these team tips will enhance collaboration and help employees solve problems more effectively.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Is there any truth to this old expression? According to a Stanford study, the answer is a resounding yes: participants tasked with achieving a goal as a team worked at it for 64 percent longer and were more engaged than those who worked alone.

Further research has found companies that promote collaboration are five times as likely to perform to a higher standard than those that don’t. But how can teams actually solve problems better than individuals in the workplace?

Here are seven ways to get the most from your teams.