How good is your Business really? ONLINE WEBINAR | 11June 9pm-10pm

As a business owner you want to think you are the best in your industry – but how do you know whether you compare favourably?

About this Event

How good is your business really?


As a business owner you want to think you are the best in your industry – but how do you know whether you compare favourably with other businesses? And does it matter?

Anyone looking to buy your business WILL compare you to the industry leaders and best practice – so it’s worth knowing what they are going to find out about you.

What Will You Get from this Webinar?

  • Insights from industry benchmarking
  • Understanding of the value of knowing benchmarks
  • How to find out where do you sit in your industry
  • How investors will be looking at your business

We’ll deliver a short, insightful “how to” webinar with all the tools you need to get started on building the value in your business and gaining some momentum. This webinar is 100% action orientated. You will leave with at least ONE thing you can immediately implement that will have an impact on your business and on you. You’ll get the tools that you need do to change your business for the better – no matter what size or sector your business is.

Who’s it for?

If you are a business owner and

  • you know now is a good time to prepare for the future of you AND your business
  • you recognise that things that you were doing weren’t going to give you the future you hoped for and you know things need a change for both you and your business
  • you are thinking starting another new business in the future
  • you might be thinking of your options for moving out of a day to day role in your business and how you can make that happen

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – so why do so few business owners plan for their next phase of life? Most commonly we hear that it’s simply overwhelming and they don’t know where to start. In this series of webinars, we address the important issues in business, starting with “How is a business valued?” We’ll share all the tools and frameworks we use to help business owners get more from their life’s work so they can choose how to manage their business and its value on their terms.

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